Print your Munsell color reference charts at home on your inkjet printer and save lots of $$$.

These Print@HOME Color Charts are a color reference tool for artists and a perfect substitute for much more expensive color charts or catalogs. Based on Albert Munsell’s systematic approach in defining color these printable color charts serve you as a color mixing guide – without spending hundreds of Dollars like professional color charts cost. Learn to see and match the right colors four your artworks.

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Get the download link instantly and
print the color charts on your inkjet printer.

Over hundred years ago artist Albert Henry Munsell developed a three dimensional color system based on the three properties of a color: hue, value and chroma. This systematic approach to understanding and mixing color has proved to be very helpful for artists.

There are professional standardized color charts and catalogs on the market employed during communication between customer and manufacturer or printing house. But as an artist you usually don’t communicate with others about colors – you just want to match a specific color regardless of a color name like “Lemon Yellow”, “Floral White”, “Light Salmon” or Pantone 123 which are all inexact.

Learn color mixing with Munsell on the Resources page.

All this is in the Package:

40 printable color charts in CMYK color

11 step value scale

Color Balance Card for Your Photos

Grey Background for Your Glass Palette

Instructions how to use the Charts

and more…

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is in the package?

The package contains 40 sheets of printable color charts (10 hues in 4 increments), an 11 step value scale, neutral sheets in 30%, 50%, 70% and 100% black, 4 cutting patterns for geometrical shapes, color balance sheet for color correcting photo shots plus links to valuable online resources for learning color theory.

All this comes in a PDF file which can be viewed and printed with Acrobat Reader (free download).

I am not sure if my printer is capable to print the color charts. How can I find out before I buy?

You can download this reference and print it out. If all swatches are visible and the print looks like the file on the computer screen then your printer should be capable of printing the color charts.

Or do you have photos (e.g. from vacation) printed with your printer and the print looks fine and has no obvious color distortion? Then your printer most likely is capable of printing the color charts.

The range of printable color swatches – the „Gammut“ – depends on different factors: printer, paper, inks. At all three ends of a color’s property (Hue, Value, Chroma) good results can vary.

What does the package cost?

The “Munsell Color Book” by XRite costs about $900. There are also other Munsell books available for $75 and more. The Print@HOME Color Charts cost $12.90. The rest depends on your usage: Let’s say you only want to have the color swatches for skin tones then only two or three sheets need to be printed. Let’s also say you lose some swatches or they are worn you can print additional sheets whenever you want. If you buy one of the available books you better not lose the swatches.

Can I print the Color Charts on a laser printer?

It has not been tested how the color charts come out with a laser printer so no guarantee given here. It is advisable to print the Color Charts with an inkjet printer on a good quality photo paper like Kirkland Signature Professional Glossy Photo Paper (Affiliate link).

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Buy now for $12.90 and get download link instantly


Not sure if your printer is capable of printing these color charts? Download this reference and print it out. If all swatches are visible and the print looks like the file on the computer screen then your printer should be capable of printing the color charts.